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The second day of the event will be focused on exploring the province of Groningen. Although you might be more than familiar with the city by now, many internationals don't cross those city boundaries. Let us show you what lies beyond. When purchasing your ticket you can choose between three areas (see below). You will receive a detailed schedule and other relevant information on time. Until then read about the locations we will visit on Saturday.


Distillery Hooghoudt: Hooghoudt is a local producer of several alcoholic beverages, including jenever, vodka and beerenburg. You might be wondering what two out of three of those are. You will find out on Saturday. During the visit, you will first receive a welcome drink, which will be followed by a tour of the distillery and a chance to try some of their products (non alcoholic beverages are also an option). Although Hooghoudt is a product from Groningen, it is famous nation wide. Join us on this trip and find out why.
National Park Lauwersmeer: If you haven't stepped much off the concrete, you might have missed the fact that Dutch nature is quite amazing. In the north-west part of the province lies a beautiful national park which consists mostly of water, but is surrounded by little beaches, wooded areas and pastures. You will be shown around by a tour guide who will take you to the best spots and tell you everything you need to know about this magnificent place. We are sure that this will only be the first of your many visits.


Seal rehabilitation centre Pieterburen: Seals. Cute, chubby, bouncy seals. This information should be sufficient to make you buy your ticket, but if you insist on more, here it comes. Some of those adorable creatures are not doing so well. Aww :( That is where the rehabilitation centre comes into play. There they nurse sick and injured seals back to health. During your visit you will not only get to see the seals, but also get a peek behind the curtain. The guides will show you the emergency room, operation room, kitchen and more. Are you buying your ticket yet?
Reitdiep: Not far outside our lovely city lies a historic area called Reitdiep. By going for a walk through this area you will cross a dyke, visit a flour mill and see some pretty great artwork that was placed at specific points in the city to celebrate its 950th birthday back in 1990. These are just a few examples of what you will see. If you want to know more, you know what to do. Take a tour through history and let your guides tell you the tales of past times. Oh, and please don't feed the cattle.


Bourtange: Welcome to the year 1742. While you're here, get to know the fortress that no enemy forces have ever managed to conquer (not due to lack of trying). Let the guides tell you all about the enemie's failed attempts to invade Bourtange and many other interesting stories about life back in the day. This location was insanely popular last year. Find out why by embarking on a journey through this star shaped fortress, see a ton of cool old stuff and learn what an (ironically) innocent looking wooden horse was used for (fair warning: this one might send chills down your spine).
Hortus Haren botanical gardens: Here you can enjoy various gardens which the guides will show you. In the Chinese garden you will follow meandering paths enjoying the wonderful views, an island, a waterfall and other dreamy aspects of the garden. Be sure to find the tree that suits your character in the Celtic garden (each birthdate includes a tree). If you want a good view of all the gardens be sure to visit the rockery. The above mentioned gardens are just a few. During the tour you can see others, including the wild plant garden, the herb garden, the water garden and the hortensia garden.
Pivo brewery: This fairly young brewery owes its name to the birthplace of the pilsner, the Czech Republic. None of the beer is imported though. It is all hand brewed from Groningen's soil. And you get to see how it's done. We anticipate afterwards you will have a hard time resisting some of the locally brewed Groningen Glory. Other choices include a dark brew with a taste of apples and bananas or if you are into something more mature, a thirst quencher that is made patiently by letting it ripe in the bottle for at least four months. Thirsty yet?


After you have rested, showered and finished making your roommates jealous with all your cool stories from the past two days, we will gather again. The place to be is the Newscafe. Yes, you read that right. We've got this baby all to our selves for the night.

A final party in the very centre of the city! Is there a better way to finish this event? No... no there is not!